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Travel Agent Commission Model


The ReserveX agent program allows your agency to tap into the largest commission opportunity available today! Commissions start at 12% and increase based on volumes. If your agency is part of a consortium or you have a preferred commission with a specific tour operator, then let us know and we’ll match commissions.

Access Options

Agent Portal

Visit, register as an agency, discover the perfect trip, and start earning commissions today.

Website Integration

Quickly integrated with your existing website for agent access, register and discover how TourFinder seamlessly blends into your brand.

Consumer Bookings

Our consumer-direct booking engine is an extension of your website and you choose between our white label or private label services.

Service Fees

One of the most powerful features included with the agent interface is the ability to add service fees to the tour booking. This allows you to be properly compensated for your work in customizing a tour, adding flights or other aspects of creating the perfect experience for your customer.

Supplier Management

Take advantage of ReserveX wholesale contracts or simply load your own supplier agreements and your preferred
suppliers will show up first in the search results.

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